Lee Tze-Fan Memorial Art Gallery, located at 57 Linsen Road at the intersection with Wuchang Road in Hsinchu city, is within a building at the site of Mr. Lee's former residence since 1946. Mr. Lee conceived and prepared the original building plan but he passed away in 1989 before the plan was implemented. His wife Tsai-Pei Lee carried the torch and persevered to make the dream come true. Execution of the project was led by Mr. Lee's youngest son Yuan-Pern Lee; the building was designed by Ni-Chen Chen and erected by Yung-Ta Construction Company. The modern building comprising of twelve stories, ten above ground and two basement floors, was completed in the summer of 1994 after three years of construction. In memory of Mr. Lee's renown and the simplicity of his character, the gallery is named Lee Tze-Fan Memorial Gallery by his eldest son Yuan-Chuan Lee. Mr. Lee was both a highly esteemed artist and an influential art educator. The purpose of this gallery, supported by the Lee family, is to present Mr. Lee's work to the public to preserve his influence and to promote cultural and art education. The gallery, directed by Mr. Lee's third daughter Chi-Mei Lee, serves exhibitional, memorial, and philanthropic functions.


Lee Tze-Fan Memorial Art Gallery occupies the entire third floor of the building donated by Mr. Lee's eldest daughter Fei-Mei Lee for this purpose. Its interior is designed jointly by Chu-Cheng Lin, Kuan-Chen Hsie and Shu-Ching Huang. Professor Charng-Sheng Tsai of Hsinchu Normal College is consultant for each exhibition. The gallery was formally opened on August 6, 1994. Inside the gallery there are four areas with varied arrangements. As one enters the gallery, one stands in a semi-circular exhibition hall presenting some of Mr. Lee's works which are arranged thematically and periodically changed. Two adjoining chambers display Mr. Lee's early art works, landscape sketches, scripts, diaries, letters and crafts. The innermost part of the gallery is a triangular area containing Mr. Lee's studio preserved with his original painting tools and materials, so vividly preserved that one gets a feeling that as if he is about to walk in. This display accurately depicts his profound diligence and persistence in pursuit of art. The gallery was founded to share the achievement of this hard-working and quiet-spoken artist with those who love art.